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In french

(sorry, Google traduction...)
Recently, I posted my lack of motivation and my uncertainties. Today, the fog seems to be fading and I see again a clear path, full of ideas, inspiration, sketches and adventures!

What has happened? I do not really know. I probably broke some barriers that prevented me going on and that I was inflicting to myself for no reason. Therewith, I was worth to give up on some projects. Indeed, there is now no question for me to draw the following of "Generation Hero" (already abandoned for over a year!) as I recently confided on my Facebook page.

I also discovered a new source of inspiration for me creating an account on Pinterest! Damn, why did I not do it sooner! Better than Tumblr (which I appreciate, however) or DeviantART, I never cease to be amazed by the content that I find and I feel my brain boiling deal with it all.

I can not necessarily show you everything that I could scribble here and there but one thing is: I CAN DRAW!
(some stuff on my Instagram)

Whereas before I was obsessed with the idea of ​​simplifying my drawings in a cartoon style, minimize curves, stylize maximum; I now realize that I have much more fun to draw small details, hatching ans puting shadows. A closer style to the mainstream comics that I'm still reading.

New projects fuse in my head! I hope to present something soonbut ideas have yet to mature ...

In the meantime, I'd like you to be involved in my future accomplishments. Before starting a picture, I warm up with few sketches.
So I'm asking you to give me suggestions for these warm-up-sketches.

A few rules:

  1. Only known characters (do not ask me to do fanart of your OC). Comics, manga, movies, TV series, etc... 
  2. You can specify the character references. For example, if you suggest Iron Man, you can specify which armor...
  3. This is not a way to ask for comissions! If I choose one of your suggestions, the drawing is not for you.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse a proposal. 
  5. If a sketch inspired me enough, I may finalized it to my appreciation.

I do not know how long I will lead this operation ... After all, we still need to warm up before any activity ;)
*french only*

Salut à toi qui lis ce journal. Je poste très très peu sur DeviantART mais je ne loupe pas l'occasion de te parler de mon nouveau webcomic qui démarre aujourd'hui : la suite tant attendu de "Génération Héros" : "Génération Héros #2 : Wolfknight".

Un nouveau strip tous les vendredis !
Toujours avec mon amis Greg Covin au scénar.

Et ça se passe par là :

Bonne lecture !!
*french only*

Hey les gens ! Je ne poste plus grand chose sur ma page DeviantART ces derniers temps, c'est vrais. Et pourtant, je dessine ! Malheureusement, des choses plutôt confidentielles pour le moment... :)

Vous avez pu voir, ces dernières années, quelques uns de mes travaux sur mon projet "Génération Héros" dont le premier numéro est sorti en février 2011 (et toujours disponible en VPC dans la boutique des Éditions Carnaval
Hé bien ce mois-ci débute la publication en ligne de ce même premier épisode sur :
Un nouveau strip tous les lundis !

À l'occasion de cette réédition en format webcomic, les Éditions Carnaval, en partenariat avec le site Comics Chronicles, vous propose un concours de dessin avec des exemplaires papiers à gagner de "Génération Héros n°1".
Toutes les modalités du concours sont sur :…

Soyez nombreux à participer !!
Yep, that's it, I'm on Tumblr, now :
(french only)

Salut à tous !

Pour les fêtes, je vous propose une offre spéciale.

Le comics "Génération Héros n°1"
+ la dédicace
+ une carte illustrée (tirage limité)
= 6,99 € frais de port inclus

Si vous cherchez une belle idée cadeau, originale, retrouvez toutes les information ici !
Sorry guys, for french only :
"Génération Héros n°1 : Misty" est sorti.
Un bon de commande est en ligne dans la boutique des Éditions Carnaval.

Et je vous mets même le lien direct pour le télécharger :…

5,70 € le comic-book dans sa protection plastique avec une dédicace et les frais de port, franchement, c'est cadeau ! Alors encouragez-nous en passant commande ;)
In french :
Je suis heureux de vous annoncer le retour des Éditions Carnaval, mon petit collectif fanzineux (pour ceux qui se rappellent de ma BD Lost Angels…) après presque 3 ans de hiatus.
Découvres les nouveaux projets sur le site :

After :iconelyannchan:
It's been a while since I did this...
The first 10 people whom comment on this journal entry can suggest a character that I'll sketch *BUT* you'll have to do the same operation on your journal. Please, only known characters (comics, cartoons, movies...). I keep the right to accept and refuse any suggestion for any reason.

1 - Jubilee from the X-men
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
9 -
10 -

Don't forget "Génération Héros" official blog  : (in french)

.oOo. Great artists, my Masters .oOo.
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Thank you :)
*Sorry, for french-speakers only.*
Et voilà, après plus d'un an, je replonge dans l'aventure du Blog BD avec un tout nouveau, tout frais, intitulé "I'm not a cartoon !"
L'adresse :
Je vous y attends nombreux !

And don't forget "Génération Héros" official blog  : (in french)

.oOo. Great artists, my Masters .oOo.
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.oOo. Studio .oOo.

Thank you :)
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I think I forget to report here something very important... :p
It's been actually a few month that I opened a blog for my comic project Génération Héros.
I put almost AVERYTHING on it ! Which mean also a lots of thing I've never post on DeviantArt, including full pages !
The text is in french but you still can take a look at the pictures ;)

Here's the adress :

.oOo. Great artists, my Masters .oOo.
:iconcartoonretro: :iconcheeks-74: :iconcmcc: :iconcretineb: :iconjustincoffee: :iconcorankizerstone: :iconmarciotakara: :iconmariochavez: :iconmattcrap: :iconlaurenmontgomery: :iconotisframpton: :iconpok82: :iconstephensilver: :icondanschoening: :iconvontoten: :iconvotequimby:

.oOo. Studio .oOo.

Thank you :)
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Get a new fanart from the great JMM :iconkromdor:

Check out more fanarts from my "Generation Heros" project in my favourites gallery…

.oOo. Great artists, my Masters .oOo.
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.oOo. Studio .oOo.

Thank you :)
Well, you know how they say... Happy new year and blablabla...
Have a good time everyone, all my hopes for peace and prosperity.
2009 is gonna be a hard economic year, so we have to make it a great artistic year !

.oOo. Great artists, my Masters .oOo.
:iconcheeks-74: :iconcmcc: :iconcretineb: :iconjustincoffee: :iconmarciotakara: :iconmattcrap: :iconotisframpton: :iconpok82: :icondanschoening: :iconvontoten: :iconvotequimby:

.oOo. Studio .oOo.

Thank you :)
For those who don't know the famous mattcrap :iconmattcrap:, you have to know how much cool this guy is !

Here two fanarts he did from my Génération Héros' characters :……

Come take a look to his gallery… and his big Major City universe ! (that's an order)
The first 9 deviants who have left a comment on this journal get a free sketch on a little post-it :) !


1- :iconteraissa: his character
2- :iconalivia-cauldwell: Lara Croft
3- :iconhappyaila: Woman and a cat
4- :icondaymdel: her characters
5- :iconrobo-chomp: his character
6- :icondarth-baw: a pretty girl
7- :iconthedetector: his character
8- :iconramita: Witchblade
9- :iconhitlersbrain: Zombina Kolada

Restult here :…
The first 10 deviants who have left a comment on this journal get a free sketch !

Now closed !

But They had to do the same thing (10 commissions...) on teir journal ! (unless they already did it...)

1st : :iconsankofarida: (fanart of her characters) Done :…
2nd : :iconpaulino-works: (Sailor Jupiter fanart) Done :…
3rd : :iconteraissa: (fanart of his character) Done :…
4th : :iconsilverunicorn: (fanart of her character) Done :…
5th : :iconephral: (fanart of her character) Done :…
6th : :iconkiitsu: (fanart of her character) Done :…
7th : :iconshanya17: (Sponge Bob fanart) Done :…
8th : :iconhitlersbrain: (fanart of his character) Done :…
9th : :iconxiuz: (fanart of her characters) Done :…
10th : :iconmattcrap: (fanart of his character) Done :…
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